Strategic Planning & Event Management

Strategic Planning

It’s all in the strategy.

Meetings reach their full potential only when properly planned. The Meetings & Events USA team knows how to work backwards from your ultimate goal to ensure each step is planned to achieve optimal results, while reducing costs.

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Site Selection & Contract Negotiation

Location, location, location.

What we do is far more than presenting a list of places for you to choose and leaving it at that: The venue matters. Meetings & Events USA will help you find the location that fosters the best environment for your objective while never straying from the realism of budgetary constraints. Of course, as expert negotiators, we’ll handle all contract matters as well!

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Marketing and Promotions

Reel ‘em in!

Without attendees (and many times sponsors), there is no meeting or event. Our team will work with you to make sure the theme is engaging and the promotional materials compelling. We can even research lists that complement your internal efforts and create direct marketing campaigns that draw registrations. Once on site, we’ll make sure your agendas, signage, giveaways and collateral support the message and leave a lasting impression.

Sponsorship and Tradeshow Management

Sponsorship Management

All hail sponsorship.

Sponsorship packages need to be designed to provide maximum benefit and exposure to convince companies it is worth spending their money. Once sold, sponsors must be treated with respect and care so they’ll sponsor consistently. Meetings & Events USA team members work with each sponsor to handle all aspects of their logistical needs so they ultimately get the best exposure promised by their package.

Logistics and Onsite Management

Registration, Housing and Transportation

So they want to come – now get them in and put a roof over their heads.

The registration and housing procedures need to be as effortless as possible for your attendees and for your accounting processes! We make sure everything from payment processing for registration to hotel reservations and all the related confirmations are handled, while providing easy-to-understand reports along the way.

Meetings & Events USA


Who. What. When. Where. How.

Logistics makes the strategic plan come to life. With this service, your Meetings & Events USA team comprehensively determines requirements for all people, places and things to make all facets of the meeting happen as planned. Because meetings are ever-changing, we also make sure to build in contingencies for any unexpected issues that may arise along the way.

Sponsorship and Tradeshow Management

Tradeshow Management

Showing off.

We’ll entice your exhibitors with a prospectus packet that highlights the benefits of exhibiting while making it easy to sign up and contact us for all coordination. Then, we’ll set the stage so your exhibitors can promote their products in the best light, while maximizing the space so you can include as many booths as possible and still facilitate flow.

Logistics and Onsite Management

On-Site Management

On with the show!

We have got it all covered. Your rooms will be configured properly from seating to audio-visual, speakers will be prepared and their presentations ready to go, food and beverage set perfectly, attendees guided to the right place at the right time, exhibitors displayed to satisfaction and all the myriad of other details taken care of seamlessly.

Meetings & Events USA

Event Management

Lights, Camera, Action!

Theme, venue, invitations, décor, entertainment, menu and photography: Meetings & Events USA will create and manage the entire event. Whether the event is a standalone or part of a larger meeting, your attendees will be impressed and you can network and relax while leaving the details to us.

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Production and Audio-Visual Services

Your message + our techniques=communication perfection!

We first make sure we understand exactly what your message is and then we work with you to make sure it is conveyed using the latest technology to fit your needs and budget while ensuring the visuals and sound communicate and impress. We make sure your presenters are heard, loud and clear, and seen from every angle; your video is produced and displayed with verve and interest; your stage is set to bring out the best in your message and your people while dazzling the attendees.

Meetings & Events USA

International Meetings

Making far away seem very near.

International meetings bring your organization to the doorstep of a whole new group of people or bring your people to the doorstep of a whole new world! The benefits are boundless. Although the planning is more complicated than a domestic meeting, we make it easy by combining in-depth knowledge of international housing procedures and contracts with a detailed understanding of local customs and related intangibles that will make your meeting shine.

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Post-Meeting Services

The proof of success.

We will review, compile and process evaluations and financial reports so you have real data to measure the success of your meeting. Of course, the pleasure your attendees, sponsors and exhibitors have while at the event will be apparent, but when it’s time for analytics, we’ll provide you with the data you need.