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Case Studies
From pinch hitter to manager, Meetings & Events USA stepped in to help a non-profit whose internal meeting planner left mid-way through planning their annual conference.

Meetings & Events USA received a call from the management of a regional non-profit panicked because their internal meeting planner left the organization with only 2 months left before the date of their annual conference. The overworked staff wasn't able to pull the resources together to finish the preparations and didn't even have a clear picture of what had been finished and what was still needed. We were handed a stack of papers, a couple of CDs full of information and their specifications. In less than one week we digested the information, returned a written plan with timeline and responsibilities as well as an up-to-date budget, and started on implementation. Seven weeks later we were on-site as the hotel liaison and registration managers and we witnessed a successful conference with nary an attendee or sponsor aware of the change. We're proud to be working with this group three annual conferences and several regional meetings later!
Exponential growth! When tasked to grow a meeting for a national trade organization, Meetings & Events USA steadily increased new and repeat attendance.

A major trade organization wanted to grow attendance at its annual meeting, but was having trouble doing so due to a naturally small, elite target audience. Meetings & Events USA team members investigated the pattern of past meetings and learned that repeat attendance was relatively low, which was a major problem given the low number of prospects for whom the meeting was relevant. We determined that location, venue and even audio-visual issues were part of the problem and adjusted the following year’s meeting accordingly. We communicated the changes with highly targeted and personalized promotion to past and prospective attendees. The first year we captured 35% more repeat attendees than in the previous 3 years combined. By constantly adjusting over each of the next three years, we have more than doubled their attendance and are looking forward to continued success as we head into planning our fifth annual meeting together.
We took national success global. A US-based medical association asked Meetings & Events USA to create an annual European meeting to further its North American efforts overseas.

When a national medical association wanted to bring its meeting series overseas for the first time, it looked to the team at Meetings & Events USA to plan and manage all aspects of the new venture. Our team worked closely with their internal planning committee to correspond with physicians throughout Europe to design and implement a symposium so the association could reach and collaborate outside of the US. From site selection, housing and travel for the speakers and staff to international marketing efforts to attract attendees and sponsors, we comprehensively managed the project and set up the meeting in under 6 months. The pilot symposium was wildly successful and is now an annual event taking place in a different European location each year.
Cutting budgets can be necessary and we know where the cuts can be made. When a media association needed to slash its budget, they turned to Meetings & Events USA.

We needed to cut $200,000 out of a media conglomerate’s budget for their national convention without impacting attendee’s experience. Knowing what and how to cut items was crucial. Meetings & Events USA staff worked with all external vendors to reduce costs incrementally without noticeably affecting the end product along with identifying and then removing or reducing events and offerings within the convention that historically did not yield return for the association or its sponsors and exhibitors. In the end, the effect was completely transparent to attendees and the convention was within budget and we are currently planning meetings through 2009 for the group.
Meetings & Events USA worked through a national association’s massive change to ensure their meeting series and annual symposium happened without missing a beat.

A national association client underwent a complete management overhaul laden with strife due to resignations, illness, and overall discontent with the internal direction of the association. The team at Meetings & Events needed to tread carefully as we transitioned our report from the old management group to the new board. We kept our focus away from politics and put our efforts squarely on making sure the new group had the information it needed to produce the upcoming meetings, while respecting the needs of the outgoing leadership. By working on the process, we were able to preserve the integrity of the meetings taking place during the flux and the first annual symposium under the new board was a success by all accounts.

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